Useful apps for college students

Sunday, July 5, 2015

These apps are sure to come in handy!

  1.; In case you've ever had a word right on the tip of your tongue and you just can't figure it out (or, you know, in case you need an actual definition for something... whatever.)
  2. Grades 3; A really easy way to organize all of your grades and calculate what scores you'll need to make the perfect grade.
  3. Notability; Organized app that allows you to take all the notes you need. You can also upload PDF's, highlight certain words or phrases, and make a cool drawing when you're bored.
  4. Spotify; There are playlists filled with songs that are meant to help you study that are pretty great.
  5. Blackboard; Because it's way easier than having to get on the internet and log on every time (and if you don't know what Blackboard is, then lucky you.)
  6. NYTimes; Staying updated is important and The New York Times just so happens to be my favorite.
  7. Quizlet; An app filled with endless amounts of flashcards made by other students on the subject you're trying to study for? Uhm, yes please!
I'd love to hear what you guys use to stay on top of your work, so feel free to share some of your favorite apps in the comments below!

That's all I've got for now. Until next time...

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