5 detox waters you can make at home!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

 Hi readers! 

Today's post touches on a subject that we should all be a little more concerned about: health. When you're young, always busy and always trying to explore new ways to have fun and make the most of the time you aren't dedicating to school, it becomes a little easy to put aside responsibilities like going to the doctor or sticking to a diet. And when time isn't against us, other things like money, stress or just pure laziness is. This is where I come in. In the following post I'm going to provide you with quick, inexpensive and natural detox recipes that you can make at home. I'll also provide you with details about how each ingredient can help your body and tips on how to detox correctly. 

Here are ten detox recipes that I have found to actually work, taste great and not make a huge dent in your pocket:

  • Just plain lemon water. 
A lot of people don't realize just how beneficial adding a little bit of lemon to water can actually be. Lemon is great for clearing up the skin, quickening the metabolism, controlling blood pressure and boosting your immune system. 
  • Water, cucumber, mint leaves and lemon.
This combination is one of my favorites- you grab a pitcher of water, add sliced cucumbers, a few pieces of mint leaves and a sliced lemon. Let it sit in the fridge over night and you've got yourself a delicious detox water! Cucumbers are an excellent antioxidant that aids digestion, benefits the skin and hair and can even cut down your risk of getting cancer. Aside from tasting great, mint leaves can help relieve seasonal allergies, boost your immunity and relieve coughs. Overall, this combination can't go wrong!
  • Fruit infused water
Fruit infused water is great for the individual who just doesn't like the taste of water on its own. Add a few strawberries to your water in the morning to help burn stored fat, or orange slices to prevent kidney disease. All in all, you can't really go wrong with some fruit.
  • Ginger and lemon water
Ginger is a bit of a more acquired taste for some people, but adding lemon into the mix should help distract from the taste if it's not your personal favorite. A little bit of ginger in your water can help with nausea, prevents colon cancer, helps with respiratory problems, improves your immune system, helps with inflammation, prevents colds, helps with blood circulation- point is, ginger is pretty great.
  • Aloe and lemon water
This detox may be a little more complicated than the rest to prepare, but the results are well worth it. Aloe is great for the digestive system and reducing ulcers, strengthening the immune system and it doesn't hurt that it makes your skin look and feel great. The list of health benefits that come with drinking aloe water goes on and on, so I definitely recommend this mix.

Well, that's all I've got for right now. Hopefully I've helped motivate a few of you to get a little healthier. Make sure to give some feedback and keep up for more tips from me! 

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